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Success Stories

Clients work with ThriveOn Consulting because we deliver results and transformation. Using our collective experience, advice and knowledge, we have brought measurable results and growth to hotels, resorts, restaurants, islands and cities. Here’s how we made things happen.

Zero Turnover At Housekeeping Department

Case Study: A luxury hotel in Singapore

Retaining hotel staff especially room attendants for hotels has always been a challenge for hotels as the demand is often more than supply. Recruiting or outsource experienced room attendants have become a competition among hotels and this affects not only the quality of room cleanliness or service consistency, but also, managing labour cost.

Esther Lee – our Consultant, has successfully developed and introduced MyHomemaker Program. An incentive programme designed to motivate room attendants in the hotel through the housekeeping department. The programme offered monetary rewards as well as recognition, an intrinsic need that is often overlooked in hotels with good occupancy level. With the program implementation, hotels can safely transform it’s housekeeping department to striking a balance between growing talents, offer comprehensive trainings, managing cost efficiency and achieve quality and consistent guests experience.

After 3 months of Esther’s leadership in implementing this special programme, the hotel achieved zero turnover of room attendants. The room attendants also felt that finally, they were appreciated being a back-of-the house team and, in return encouraged other room attendants to also raise the bar on their own performance. Using our programme, the floor supervisors can also prioritise their time to focus on more pressing issues. Interestingly, since the hotel rooms are self-inspected and released by the room attendants themselves, the hotel have more vacant rooms available for swift guests check-in and quality set-up.

Designing, Hiring, Training & Deployment

Case Study: Cuisine & convention centre, Vietnam

This was a cuisine and convention centre which was preparing to launch and they didn’t have an experienced chef and consultant to lead them during the pre-opening period.

Our Senior Food & Beverage Consultant – our Senior Consultant, was onboard to assist. He was responsible for the F&B operations which included all tasks related to the pre-opening and developing of standard operating manual (SOP), hiring of new staffs and their subsequent training and feasibility reviews and analytical market studies. To help them get started quickly given such short timeline, Massimo also helped them with design planning and ensure deployment of standard operating equipments for all the five restaurants, two bars, lounge and convention centre.

The convention centre had a successful and smooth opening with all the deadlines met. The quality was impeccable and this made the Director General of the centre so pleased and willingly wrote a full recommendation letter for both the Chef and Massimo – our Senior Consultant too.

Innovative Restaurant Training & Sales Techniques

Case Study: For a Restaurant Chain in Indonesia

The restaurant chain appointed Massimo Gavina – our Senior Consultant, help them improve one of their restaurant outlet in it’s F&B operations based out of Bali.

Our Senior Food & Beverage Consultant –  did improve and turn things around so expertly that after 3 months, he was appointed to help all the other restaurants within the same chain across Indonesia. He managed the employees as well as implemented an innovative training programme for seven other restaurants within the chain. Massimo also introduced creative selling skills and taught the chain’s employees to engage themselves in driving performance which increased significant revenues.

The restaurant chain experienced a boost in sales through Massimo’s innovative selling strategies and a much higher employees’ retention rate.

Achieved US$18 Million Food & Beverage Revenues In Unique Destination

Case Study: Meeting Owner’s expectations and trust in Mongolia

The Owner needed an experienced consultant to help them deliver an US$18 million F&B project at the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. They needed a strong dining concept for their two restaurants including conceptualising, develop sound business planning which covers both the financial returns to operations efficiency.

Our Senior Food & Beverage Consultant – our Senior Consultant, worked closely with the business owners and created a visionary concept for the restaurants despite the language barrier (the CEO of the group spoke no English). He also gave valuable advice in choosing suppliers, involved in the training of restaurant staffs and worked within the budgeted financials from start to finish while, adhered strictly to the project timeline.

The US$18 million F&B project was launched on time with significant success. The client wrote a glowing recommendation and testimonial for the consultation and expertise as well as, Massimo’s hands-on knowledge shared with the employees of this project.

Positioning Bali for Contrasting Market Segments

Bali needed to develop itself as a destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conference & Events). It also needed to brand itself as a luxury wedding destination as well as attract a new group of travellers and tourists from China. This was a tall order as each segment needed its own focus and marketing.

It was a multi-pronged approach with the collaboration of many key hotel and tourism players in Bali. Firstly, we formed a committee with key people industry, Bali Hotels Association, travel agents and the media. We also invited the government to support this initiative through the establishment of a marketing fund. Only then did we plan our media campaigns and worked on specific brand stories for Bali. The brand stories had to capture the various segments of the market – luxury wedding audiences, China travellers and conference organisers. It was not an easy campaign as we worked tirelessly on the brand of Bali with various parties and utilising many platforms – online and offline.

Through a collaborative team effort from this destination and consistent campaign that spared no expense, Bali is now recognised as an official MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conference & Events) destination recognised by World Travel Mart, Travel Trade Gazette and Conde Nast Travel. Aside from business travellers, the island is also now ranked as a luxury wedding and honeymoon destination, hugely popular in countries like China, India, Australia, UK, Japan, Korea and Russia. Bali’s China tourist arrivals also grew by a whopping 30%.

Re-imagining Shandong As A MICE Destination

Shandong is a province in China with its popular city, Qingdao which borders the Yellow Sea. The city of Qingdao is known for its beer, a legacy of the German occupation. However, there is more to Shandong than just Qingdao and the idea was to market Shandong as a destination for team-building and business activities such as a premier meeting, incentive, conference and events (MICE) destination.

Under Coreen Cheah’s leadership (one of our Consultant specialising in Sales & Marketing/Commercial), has helped Qingdao, Jinan and Yantai (even though Qingdao was the more popular choice) by reintroducing a new collaborative itinerary and guests experience to meeting organisers and leisure business planners. With an international hotel chain of giants, Shandong team, we formed a working committee, developed and host the launching of a specific business itinerary that was endorsed by the Tourism Bureau Director of each city. We also promoted this launch by inviting the top media people from Hong Kong and had our itinerary featured on one of Hong Kong’s famous TV channel.

Shandong is now recognised as a key meetings, incentive, sporting events and leisure destination while, the InterContinental Hotels Group in Shandong province has shot to number one on the ”Revenue Growth Index” based on the star-rating categories and achieved as best performing hotels after the successful campaign and maintained its ranking in the last 8 years.

Making Shanghai Irresistible to European Businesses

Shanghai as a city, has so much potential as a MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conference & Events) destination despite its modern facilities and tourist attractions. We were tasked to promote Shanghai as the ”Pearl of The Orient in the East” with a business perspective to attract more premium European business travellers and conference organisers.

Coreen Cheah – our Consultant, has experienced and played a role in developing campaigns to promote Shanghai as the destination of choice for business travellers and conference organisers, going back 12 years ago. Together with her Team, they have invited renowned top 30 media representatives from Europe to Shanghai to a world-class MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conference & Events) experience. The journalists and media representatives were treated to a full business and leisure itinerary to learn about Shanghai and what it had to offer to business delegates looking for something cosmopolitan yet unique.

Shanghai has become a hub for attract anyone travelling to China and gained a lot of interest from the European media besides other geographical coverage. It was heavily featured in international media (business and lifestyle magazines) in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany and France and touted as one of a major destinations at a global level as a hub for MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conference & Events), established to host international level business conventions, conferences, exhibitions and incentive delegations.